This is the HQ of a new campaign that was launched on January 1, 2012. The aim of this campaign is to counteract the spread of voodoo decision theories in Australia, UK, and USA.

It comes hot on the heels of the info-gap campaign whose declared objective remains the containment of info-gap decision theory in Australia. As info-gap continues to figure as the foremost voodoo decision theory in this area of expertise, it can be expected to take pride of place in this new campaign.

At present there is no official closing date for this project.

If you are aware of a voodoo decision theory that at present is not part of this campaign, let us know and we shall gladly examine it to see whether it qualifies as a candidate. By the same token, proposals to expand the campaign to other countries around the globe will also be considered.

However paradoxical this may sound, one of the concerns of this campaign is to gain a better understanding into how voodoo decision theories are developed, promoted, marketed and applied. Your insights on this matter will therefore be most welcome.

The idea is to use this project as a testing ground for material that is destined for a book that is currently under preparation.

The book’s envisaged title is:

Viva la Voodoo: the Rise and Rise of Voodoo Decision-Making