Supply & Demand

The first question that comes to mind is how do voodoo decision theories appear on the scene and how are they propagated?

To answer this question, it is necessary to examine both sides of the delicate Supply and Demand equation that seems to govern this sector of the economy. Hence, the following three questions are of interest:

  • Where do voodoo decision theories originate?
  • Who are the consumers of voodoo decision theories?
  • How are these theories sustained?
  • Those who have spent their adult lives in academia would no doubt guess that this project will focus on decision theories that originate in academic institutions, namely theories developed by academics that passed muster in the peer-review process of professional journals.

    As for the second question, even if hard statistical evidence is lacking to support this claim, it seems rather obvious that the main consumers of voodoo decision theories are … academics.

    So, very roughly, voodoo decision theories are theories developed by academics, for the most part for academics, who are sponsored by research grants awarded to academic institutions and research centers. It is no secret that such research projects are usually funded by government agencies, namely, … taxpayers money.

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